Snapshot #7 – Middle Class Friends

I must be coming up in the world. They say you can judge someone by the company they keep. Well, I must be well posh now.

The other day, I texted a heavily pregnant friend to see whether she needed anything getting when I headed to the supermarket. I was expecting her to ask for bread, milk, maybe yoghurts for her toddler – the usual stuff. But oh no, not when you have Middle Class Friends.

This was her response:

Green milk

Salted butter

Mozzarella 400g

Gorgonzola cheese (not essential) 250g

Parmesan 50g 

This must be the most middle class ‘just a couple of bits’ shopping list ever written! My favourite part was that the gorgonzola was non-essential – but one simply could not survive without the rest!

Needless to say, I lowered the tone by getting it all for under seven quid at Aldi. Waitrose, eat your heart out.

*Sorry to mock you JJ – your text was too funny to leave there.

EDIT: I can out-middle-class-friend this one now. At dinner a week or so ago, a friend of mine lamented his epic quandary of having to choose between his excellent, natural piano teacher and his excellent theory-based piano teacher. Unable to upkeep tuition by both, he was forced into making a decision that was truly truly, a first world problem.

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